Program Model


CLosing the achievement gap

At After-School All-Stars Las Vegas, we want to live in a world where all children are afforded the same opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams, regardless of their race, gender, zip code, or family’s income. We believe we can enable youth to build knowledge, skills, work habits, and character traits that will help close the achievement gap through our comprehensive after-school programs.

We endeavor to accomplish this goal through partnerships developed with 14 Greater Las Vegas elementary and middle schools. These schools often have little or no alternative options for children to participate in after school hours. Through these cultivated partnerships, programs are provided at each school following the dismissal bell for between 90 and 120 days per school year. ASAS hires and trains over 250 part-time employees who can be found teaching structured and dynamic classes to over 5,500 students across the school year. Every school has a unique culture and we adapt our program to fit that need.

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Pillars of success

Our program model relies on three pillars are based on 3 pillars which include Academics, Enrichment, and Health & Fitness. By offering these components each day of our program, our program participants


dinner before dessert

Our program affords a flexible structure that offers an hour of academic classes followed by an hour of enrichment.

Academic activities include homework help, tutoring, and mentoring. Students are provided with opportunities to receive assistance with their school-day work that they otherwise may not receive.

Enrichment activities include a multitude of classes designed to develop skills, build mastery, and showcase fun and exciting opportunities students, such as cooking, dance, music, drama, media, outdoor education, service learning, and sports.

All programs include a healthy snack, offered by Three Square or CCSD Hot Meals.



Though our program menu looks different at each of our 14 school sites, we offer multiple specialty classes:

  • CEO, engages students in long-term career planning

  • Life Service Action, connects small and large acts of volunteerism to positive outcomes

  • Lifetime Adventures, provides exposure to the great outdoors and promotes land conservation practices

  • Media All-Stars, develops an understanding of media content creation and internet safety

  • Sports as a Hook, promotes healthy eating and physical fitness

  • We Are Ready, prepares students for high school and beyond


Opportunities to grow, thrive, and dream

Students learn best when they make connections between in-classroom learning and the real-world, which is why field trips are a hallmark to our programs. We proudly coordinate over 50 field trips per year all over Southern Nevada to give our All-Stars an opportunity to grow, thrive, and dream.