Our Impact


Reducing barriers

Our programs provide essential support to students who are often underserved and offer creative, engaging learning opportunities to Greater Las Vegas youth of all backgrounds.


2018-19 Student Race and Ethnicity

2018-19 Student Grade Level


2018-19 Percent of Students in Underserved Categories

FRL - Free & Reduced Lunch; LEP - Limited English Proficiency; SPED - Special Needs
I come to the program because it’s easier for me to do my homework with a teacher helping me - and it’s fun, too!
— Giovanni, 3rd Grade All-Star Student

Filling backpacks

Imagine each child carries around a backpack from the moment they are born. In their backpack are the tools and resources they need to succeed in school in life. When children consistently attend our program, they fill their backpacks with knowledge, ideas, and skills to help them achieve.

58% of participants attend the program 30 or more days each school year.

Our program relies on consistent attendance for students to fill their backpack and achieve the highest outcomes.


Percent of Students Showing Improvement as Reported by Day-Time Teachers