Martina Miller Antkowiak

Program Development Specialist


Martina Miller Antkowiak is the Program Development Specialist for After-School All-Stars Las Vegas with over 15 years of experience. Her her role, Martina is responsible for quality improvement, training, and evaluation across all program sites. She has worked internationally with children and young adults as both a social worker and teacher. One evening per week Martina works at the LGBTQ Center as a national licensed Victims Advocate. She holds a Sexual Health Education teacher license in Europe. Martina has a license to counsel in Motivational Interviewing Technique. She is a certified trainer in the Weikart Center’s Youth Work Methods.

Martina worked in Sweden with violence prevention and was part of the team who developed the 10-year project Swedish Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP). It originates from the American violence prevention program; Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP). The Swedish team worked closely together with American partners from Iowa and can now proudly say that this is a method that works. MVP Sweden have successfully started to change a culture of violence among youths at risk in selected areas in Stockholm. This is evidence-based through research, evaluations and continuously monitoring. After receiving a magnitude of public media attention, MVP has been duplicated in other European cities.

Martina has volunteered all over the world. She spent one year in Uganda learning about development and grass-roots initiative in the non-profit sector. She moved to Las Vegas from Sweden after she married her best friend, who serves in the Air Force as a Thunderbird. In Vegas, she started out volunteering with Three Square, Junior Achievement, and the LGBTQ Center. Martina enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering and hiking.

Martina believes strongly in ASAS’s strength-based approach when working with the fantastic staff: our licensed teachers and para-professionals. She stands behind the unique ASAS model and is eager to support our youth to close the achievement gap while having fun!

About Martina


Master’s Degree earned from Copenhagen University

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Had one of her best food experiences on the streets of Bali


Traveled to 28 countries


Current playlist track on repeat: “Blow My Mind” - Sabina Ddumba


Grew up in Stockholm, Sweden


2019 accomplishment: broke personal deadlift record